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Through hands-on experience in a safe, peaceful, and Christ-centered environment, rescued horses and children facing conflicts or challenges come together to help each other learn to love and trust again.

Cinnamon with Rider

Since 2006 God has brought together faithful donors and dedicated volunteers to provide healing and hope to children and horses facing challenging situations. To date, the investment of time and treasure in the mission of Wings has made it possible to rescue and rehome 78 horses and host over 11,700 hours of equine-healing sessions for Ranchers (children).

Once on the Ranch the horses are able to use their God-given gift of connecting and comforting to serve in their new roles as ministry horses.  During the fall and spring seasons the horses see an average of 50 Ranchers per week. 

Through the weekly 90 minute sessions each Rancher and Horse builds a connection during grooming and tacking.  Ranchers experience grace as they overcome challenges and learn how to communicate through their words and actions.  Untacking and barn chores build trust through responsibility.  

As the sessions progress the horse is giving the Rancher comfort and confidence as the Rancher shares love to a formerly neglected horse. 

Ranchers wrap up their weekly sessions with a Bible-based story and activity.  It is the goal for each Rancher to experience the love, hope and grace of Jesus during each session and to take those gifts into their daily life.  

About Us

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