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Hope and Faith in the sun

Wings of Hope Ranch was created to foster a safe environment in which children facing conflict or challenges come together with rescued horses to learn how to love and trust again. In the early days, Wings of Hope Ranch took in abandoned or unwanted horses from any number of sources, including the general public. As our ministry has grown (and as the number of unwanted or abandoned horses has increased) we have discovered the mutual benefit to a horse rescue facility and Wings of Hope Ranch through adoption. Between 2006 and 2020, Wings of Hope Ranch rescued, re-homed and or facilitated the adoption of over 78 horses!

We have been blessed by our relationships with numerous horse rescue organizations in Virginia and beyond. These outstanding non-profit organizations have the daunting task of facilitating the actual horse rescues, oftentimes a very dangerous and risky operation.  Wings of Hope Ranch becomes the actual adoption home for some of these animals after they have been vetted and evaluated for soundness and health.

Once a horse has moved to Wings of Hope Ranch and we get to know their personality and history, we evaluate whether to keep their given name (if it is Biblical), or give them one from the Bible.

Our focus at the Ranch is simply to love each horse and each child that comes to visit and trust that God will use our horses to facilitate a healing environment as well as a small escape from the children’s regular world.

Angel – [Click here to read Angel’s story]

Palamino Pony Mare
Born in 1996
13.2 hands
Adopted Fall 2007

Sponsored by: Anonymous 

Cody – [Click here to read Cody’s story]

Paintaloosa – White with Appaloosa spots
Born in 2000
13.2 hands
Adopted May 2018

Sponsored by: Lois

Faith – [Click here to read Faith’s story]

Polish Arabian Mare – Dapple Gray
Born in 1995
15 hands
Adopted November 2012 – Rescue Video

Sponsored by Sarah

Hope – [Click here to read Hope’s story]

Polish Arabian Mare
Dapple Gray
Born in 1997
15 hands
Adopted November 2012 – Rescue Video

Samson – [Click here to read “Samson’s” story]

Missouri Fox Trotter
Born in 1997
16.3 hands
Adopted Summer 2014

Sponsored by Rose

Paxton – [Click here to read “Paxton’s” story]

Quarter Horse
Adopted Early 2018



Belle – [Click here to read Belle’s story]

Mini Horse 



Wendy – [Click here to read “Wendy’s” story]

Mini Horse



image of brown horse

Lacey- [Click here to read “Lacey’s” story]

Quarter Horse 
Adopted April 2020

Sponsored by: Sarah


Brown oldenburg gelding horse

Moses – [Click here to read “Moses'” story]

Oldenburg Gelding
17+ Hands
Born 2003
Adopted March 2020

Sponsored by Claire

brown horse named HoneyHoney[Click here to read “Honey’s story]

Quarter Horse
Born 2008
14 Hands
Adopted January 2022
Sponsored by – Suzanne and Warren


Please consider helping support our horses with a monthly donation!

On average, it costs $3750 to cover regular veterinary, feed, farrier and general care per horse per year as many of our horses have special feed and veterinary needs due to past neglect or are advanced in age.

If you are interested in becoming an annual sponsor please contact Elizabeth at Development@wingsofhoperanch.org

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Kimberly Bell
Horse Rehome Coordinator

If you are looking to adopt a horse or donate a horse to our ministry, please contact Kimberly at horserehome@wingsofhoperanch.org