The Forever Home Campaign

Why we seek a Forever Home, and why NOW …

For the past year, God has been nudging us to step out in faith and find a forever home for the Ranch. Ms. Betty Kniesche has generously leased 20 acres of her farm to us at no cost, and we are eternally grateful she allows us to operate on her property. At 86 years old, she is ensuring that our future is secure with an ongoing lease agreement on the property. Our Board of Directors underwent a strategic planning retreat in 2016 and created a business plan to address the most pressing needs of the Ranch. We determined the next steps were to reduce the wait list of ranchers and families waiting to participate in the program, by expanding our capacity to serve them with more horses, more volunteers, and more land. 

We think it is no coincidence that a longtime family property located directly behind the current Ranch is for sale. There are two adjoining lots, totaling 32 acres, which must be sold together. They will provide ample space for us to expand the Ranch and, over time, develop the land for additional barns and riding areas, including a Welcome Center for families. Right now, because of rancher confidentiality, our families wait on Ms. Betty’s back porch while their child participates in the program in the barn and riding area. Families we serve, including our volunteers, also share the private residential driveway with Ms. Betty to access the Ranch, and currently park in her front field by the road. Purchasing adjacent land will allow us to continue operating the program while raising funds to build out the new land to serve more families and provide separate driveway access to the barn. 

We will also have room to build a larger barn to house at least 10 horses, as the current barn is limited to eight stalls. We have aging horses in the program who have tirelessly served and are ready for retirement. They can no longer physically do their job but will continue to provide horse ministry through grooming and time spent with them. Additional land allows for a retirement pasture for these wonderful rescued horses. Other amenities needed include a weather-proof, indoor riding area to allow us to serve families year-round. 

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Official Release: WoH Forever Home Case for Support

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