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Our volunteers are the life blood of Wings of Hope Ranch. The Ranch would not be able to serve the children or adequately care for the horses without them. The volunteers have spent countless hours each season serving in many different capacities, including cleaning the barn, working with children, training our horses, and hosting programs and devotionals. We especially feel blessed by the popularity of and participation in our Youth Leader program that began in spring 2011. Thanks to ALL of our volunteers.

While we have unique and custom opportunities for our volunteers to get plugged in to our ministry, the three main groups of volunteers are, Session Leaders (Adults that meet with a rancher and horse once a week for 90 minutes), Barn Volunteers (Teens and adults that take care of the horses every morning and every night, 365 days a year), and Youth Leaders (teens age 13 – 18 who assist the Adult/Rancher/Horse triad during sessions OR if their horse and child skills are advanced, they can be assigned to their own rancher and horse.

1 Step to becoming a volunteer: Fill out the volunteer application.

Descriptions of volunteer opportunities:

    • Barn Volunteer
      These volunteers work year round and are responsible for barn cleaning, feeding and turning in and out the horses. We offer two shifts per day, one in the morning for two hours (8:00 to 10:00) and one in the evening for about two hours (time varies seasonally.) The morning shift includes feeding all the horses, letting them out to pasture, mucking the stalls and replenishing the shavings, then spreading the manure. The evening shift includes letting the horses back in the barn and feeding them. 
    • Session Volunteer
      Session Volunteers work during the program in various ways to help the program run smoothly with the children. The primary need from a Session Volunteer is to team up with a child and a horse for just over an hour, working with the same child each week as a mentor and leader. Activities range from grooming, tacking, leading the child on the horse, and craft supervision (crafts are provided by a craft supervisor.) Session Volunteers work during the scheduled sessions, which currently are held from March to June, and again from September to November each year on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.
    • Youth Leader (ages 13 – 18)
      A youth leader is someone who assists the adult, child and horse during program sessions. We will train approved applicants. Applicants do not have to have prior horse experience but it helps. Must love to help children and be hard workers. Youth Leaders can also help Barn Volunteers as long as there is an approved, adult volunteer on the premises supervising. 
    • Other Volunteer Opportunities
      A multitude of other volunteer opportunities exist at the Ranch including but not exclusive of: construction, craft supervisor, greeter, office assistant, garden supervisor, devotional leader, electrician, carpenter, and prayer team.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you and bringing you into the fold of fellowship at Wings of Hope Ranch. For more information email us at

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