brown horse named Honeyy





Our team first learned about Honey from Virginia Equine Welfare Society’s (VEWs) social media post of her availability for adoption.

After making an inquiry about Honey, members of our team were able to visit her at VEWs.

The visit allowed the team to replicate the noise and activities the ministry horses experience during a typical session at Wings of Hope.

 Honey was extraordinarily calm and patient as we threw toys and balls over and around her, clapped hands and pool noodles, tossed rings and bean bags, applauded and spoke loudly. The team at VEWs was wonderful too with all the silly antics.

 During the visit our Executive Director, Julia was able to groom, ride and lead Honey. Julia shared, “She was wonderful at taking direction and remaining focused under saddle despite distractions. Honey led well and enjoyed being groomed by our team. I’m thrilled God allowed us to add her to our herd and pray she enjoys many faithful years of service to our ranchers.”

 In addition to Honey’s sweet and calm demeanor, the team was pleased to add a younger horse to the herd.  At 13 years old, Honey is young compared to the current ministry horse team.

While Wings of Hope offers both mounted and unmounted horse activities, many of the children who participate enjoy being able to ride during their sessions. 

With only half of the current ministry horses rideable, adding Honey to the team opens additional opportunities for Ranchers to ride during sessions.

 Over the next two weeks Honey, will be in quarantine to protect all the horses from any possible spread of disease. 

 Maiya, Barn Manager, is overseeing her quarantine and providing guidance to barn volunteers.  After the quarantine, Maiya will help Honey acclimate to the herd.

 Honey will then begin working with volunteers in preparation for the spring session. Please pray for all involved, including Honey, as she settles into her new home and role.