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Angel (In Memoriam)

Palomino Pony

13.2 hands

Angel was born in 1996 and joined our family at Wings of Hope Ranch in April 2008. When she arrived at the rescue barn, she was a scared, anxious little blonde-haired girl. You could tell by her big brown eyes that she wanted to trust, but just did not know how. At first, she would stand far from any of us at the barn, but slowly, very slowly she would edge over to be near us. In her eyes, you could see the need for love and to find a new place where she could feel at home.

Several years prior, Angel had been a very active athlete, but because of a severe injury, she was permanently retired from riding due to an injury and put out to pasture.

Angel came to us with the name Angel, and we found that this name completely characterizes her personality. Because she had been well-trained previously, she regained her confidence quickly in her new home. Her distinct beauty and cute personality are a big draw to many of our kids.

When she first came, the Ranchers loved her obedience and softness to cues in the ring and didn't mind that she was not allowed to go much faster than a light trot due to her injuries. She is retired from riding but Ranchers and adults alike love working with her on the ground and grooming her.

Angel has really taken to Honey and they pal around together most days when in the field. It is heartwarming to see the matriarch of the herd take the youngest under her wing.

Angel (In Memoriam)
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