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Belgian Draft Quarter Horse cross

15 hands

Hallie was born in North Carolina in 2008. She is a draft cross, which means she has two breeds- Belgian (draft) and quarter horse. Because she is half draft, she is bigger and wider than other horses her size.

We don't know much about her earlier years, but we do know she pulled a carriage or wagon sometimes and then was bought by a horse riding instructor in Virginia. She was purchased for a teen girl to do a sport called dressage, which is kind of like horse dancing. It requires a lot of athletic ability and exercise-- and Hallie did not like it at all! She wasn't athletic. She didn't like to go fast. And she needed to do something she does not like at all- canter! Eventually the family found another horse for their daughter to ride and Hallie was left at a different barn. She was lonely and didn't get much attention at all. She needed a friend. Her family wanted her to find a new home where she could be loved and have a new job. Coming home to the ranch she is now showered with attention and able to go her favorite speed, SLOW and STOP and do her favorite thing, SNACK, while hanging out with the rest of the herd.

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