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Diane Pace

Administrative Assistant

Diane has had a love of horses since she was a very young child growing up in Northern Virginia. While she didn’t take riding lessons until she was in her 40’s (thank you Jane Yancey for getting her going) her love and compassion for horses never left.

Diane believes that the healing power of horses is incredible for not only ranchers but volunteers as well. Diane has served at Wings of Hope Ranch since the beginning in quite a few roles, from a key volunteer, to barn manager to Board member, before accepting the role of Administrative Assistant in early 2019. She has served as a key barn chore volunteer since the ministry's founding. In the ministry's earliest days, when sessions were held at a neighboring barn, Diane helped trailer horses to and from sessions. She says that working with the ranchers and horses back then was a special time.

She is very proud of the time she’s spent at Wings of Hope and is truly honored to be part of the ranch family and history. Diane says she has “learned a ton, would love to learn more, has met some truly inspirational people of faith over the years and she is still excited to get to work every time she pulls into the ranch driveway."

Diane can be reached by email at

Diane Pace
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