Focus on Kirsten

In late 2013, Wings of Hope Ranch made a faith leap by increasing our budget to contract with Kristin Brown as our horse trainer, the first paid position at the ranch. Training is not her only position; Kristin also does our farrier work, and manages the barn voluntarily.

Kristin has worked tirelessly over the winter, letting none of the snow, ice or sub-freezing temperatures get in her way of riding and working. As a result of her consistent work with the horses, they are looking fantastic and were in prime condition when we opened the Ranch last week for the spring season. So what’s her story? Here are a few words from Kristin.

WOHR: How did you learn about Wings of Hope Ranch?

KB: I learned about Wings originally through Dr. Carmen Franck, my vet and Wings of Hope’s vet. I wanted to learn more about the program, but due to lack of time (working 5 nights a week as a waitress and having farrier and training jobs during the day), I was never able to find time to stop by.

Then in 2011, my drill team performed at the Hoe Down for Hope. When we were done with the performance, I walked around and met some of the Wings horses that were there. Jeff Cantrell had been doing a lot of work with Jewel at that time and he finally convinced me to come out and see if the ranch was a place that I would be interested in volunteering for. I was hooked from my first day there.

WOHR: How did you become interested in horses and farrier work?

KB: My family had a horse when I was young, but when I was 8 she died of jaw cancer at the age of 36, so I never really got to ride her other than occasionally being led around by my dad. From ages 8 to 14, I was always

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