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Alison Boyd

Founding Director

Alison Boyd co-founded Wings of Hope Ranch with friends Jane Yancey and Cindy Colon in 2006 after being inspired by the book “Hope Rising” by Kim Meeder. Alison has served in many key roles including on the board of directors and managed the program as a volunteer until 2018. In 2018, Alison became the executive director of Wings of Hope Ranch and managed day to day operations under the board’s leadership until 2021. Alison’s passion has always been to have a ranch for children someday and it is her pleasure to serve daily in this unique ministry opportunity that pairs rescue horses with children facing conflicts and challenges. She considers it a gift from God and a personal calling on her life to serve at the ranch. Alison loves working with the horses and the children, but best of all she loves to see the Holy Spirit move in the people, the property, the land and the horses that all participate in the program. Alison is certified in Biblically Based Equine Assisted Programming through Shepherd Academy.

Alison can be emailed at

Alison Boyd
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