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Miniature Horse

Belle is a cute little miniature pony with a BIG, loud personality. Along with her best pal Wendy. In 2017 the vet that saw her at White Bird Appaloosa estimated her age at 20. So, we'll give her a birth year of 1997. Belle came to Wings of Hope to be a paddock buddy for Nicodemus “Cody”. When it didn’t work for Angel to be Cody’s buddy, it was suggested to get Cody’s two mini horse friends from White Bird Appaloosa Rescue, where they had been paddock buddies before Cody came to us. When asked, White Bird agreed. Diane, Paige, and Alison picked up the minis and reunited them with Cody, who was overjoyed to have his mini friends back! The three of them loved sharing the paddock together, and Belle and Wendy are just about inseparable even though they sometimes can irritate each other.

A fun fact- Belle is the star of a children’s book based on her big personality. Entitled Big Belle, written by Jorg Huckabee Mayfield of White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue, the book follows the story of how Belle faced insecurities due to her short stature, but found a bigger purpose in life by learning to be kind and serve others. Since her big debut in print, Belle has made several appearances at book signings.

Belle is truly “beautiful,” like her name means, with her big eyes and fluffy brown mane. Her Bible verse is Isaiah 52:7, which says: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!”

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