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Horse Sponsorships

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The Wings of Hope herd are key participants in sessions offered to Ranchers, children and teens who come to the Ranch for programs. They are incredibly patient as they interact with up to 100 volunteers a week for barn chores and sessions - plus 50 Ranchers during sessions.

As only God can do each horse's unique story is often what resonates most with Ranchers and even volunteers. It's amazing how beauty can come from ashes.

The Sunshine Fund was established as the main fund where friends of the Ranch who are passionate about caring for rescued horses could make a donation so funds would be available for routine and emergency care.

In 2021 the Ranch first offered horse sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors are dear friends to the Ranch as they come alongside the Ranch and select a horse they would like to provide for. The $4000 sponsorship covers -

  • Routine veterinary care

  • Feed

  • Hay

  • Regular Farrier visits

  • Shavings

  • Maintenance medications and supplements

Sponsors receive regular updates on the horse they sponsor and are encouraged to schedule visits to the Ranch and attend sponsor events so they can enjoy a relationship with their special friend.

If you feel called to sponsor a member of the herd or to provide funds to support ongoing care through the Sunshine Fund you can make a donation online here or reach out to us at

~ Blessings to you from the Ranch

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