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Make an Impact with a Reoccurring Donation

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

From hay to programs and maintenance every aspect of Wings of Hope is supported by about 400 generous donors.

Of these 400 donors 20 opt to donate monthly. Monthly donors not only provide a steady stream of funds for the ministry they are also invested in the daily operation knowing that they are boots on the ground making things happen.

Would you consider joining this mighty group of 20 faithful donors who impact the ministry daily?

Have questions about becoming a monthly donor? We've answered some general queries here -

Q: What does my donation support?

A: Wings of Hope has four funds, and you select the one you prefer to support -

  • Fund for Hope - supports the day-to-day operation of Wings of Hope

  • Sunshine Horse Fund - allows donors the opportunity to support daily needs of the ministry horses

  • Richard Anderson Rancher Fund - support on-going needs of the Rancher program

  • Forever Home - established in 2019, to support capital projects that have been strategically planned by the Board of Directors

Q: How much do I need to donate to qualify as a monthly donor?

A: Whatever has been placed on your heart. Each donation received makes an impact!

Q: How do I make a donation?

A: Wings of Hope is able to accept checks, credit, debit, EFTs and securities donations.

  • Checks can be mailed to - PO Box1674 Ashland, VA 23005

  • Online donation - when setting up your online donation you are able to select the day you would like to start and the frequency - annually, quarterly, monthly, or weekly

    • Debit or credit donations can be made here

    • EFT (savings/checking) donations can be made here

  • Securities - please reach out to Elizabeth to set up -

Have questions about being a monthly donor or setting up a reoccurring donation reach out to Elizabeth at

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