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Debbie Ward

Program Director

Debbie has served as a session volunteer working alongside her daughter, Leah Mei, for two years. She enjoys getting to know the ranchers, volunteers and supervisors and is amazed by the heartfelt teamwork that goes into each and every session.

Debbie has served as our bookkeeper since early 2021 and in November 2022 enthusiastically accepted the role as Program Director. Debbie worked as a real estate paralegal with law firms and a non-bank lender in the past expanding the operations across the southeast coast and creating streamlined methods of accomplishing tasks.

She was bookkeeper for a business her husband started and served over 100 customers. She enjoys working with children and homeschooled her two, now adult children, for eight years.

Debbie loves her women’s bible study and has facilitated a group with her church. She always had an attraction to horses and now knows why!

Debbie’s background in working closely with finances and processes makes her uniquely qualified for her two positions at Wings of Hope Ranch. For fun, Debbie enjoys crocheting, spending time with her family, cooking and her early morning walks to the James River with her husband, Richard, and their dogs.

Debbie can be reached by email at

Debbie Ward
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