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Elizabeth Pace

Development Director

Elizabeth Pace has worked in communication and non-profit for most of her career. She has found it to be the perfect fit as she enjoys meeting new people, creating opportunities to collaborate with others and making an impact in her corner of the world.

As development director, Elizabeth communicates the good the ministry is doing with the community and has the privilege of interacting with the Ranch's supporters and donors on a daily basis.

Elizabeth loves the relationships that are formed at the Ranch and how everyone involved is following their unique gifts and talents and being the hands and feet of God.

The Ranch is her first true introduction to horses and she has absolutely loved volunteering with barn chores and learning new skills. She has recently begun riding with friends, experiencing the impact a horse can have on one's confidence as well as the exhilaration and freedom one gains. She marvels at the impact it can have on an adult and can only imagine how much greater the experience would be for a child that is hurting.

For fun she loves sewing her own clothing, playing games or being in the kitchen with her kids, and participating in small group Bible study.

If God has placed Wings of Hope on your heart she'd love to chat!

You can reach Elizabeth by email at

Elizabeth Pace
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